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Advantages and disadvantages of double ball bearings for cooling fans

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Ball bearings are operated with round metal balls, which belong to point contact, so it is easy to activate the operation. In addition, the ball bearing is used in conjunction with the spring, so the metal ring outside the BALLBearing is supported by the spring, so that the weight of the entire fan rotor rests on the ball bearing and is indirectly supported by the spring, so it can be used in different directions , Angle portable products, but still need to prevent falling to avoid damage to the ball bearings, which may cause noise and reduce service life.

Ball bearings

  What are the advantages of using ball bearings?

  1. Good operation. Metal ball operation belongs to point contact, so it is easy to activate operation;

  2, easy to carry, can be used for portable products that are often operated at different placement angles and directions (but to prevent random falling or falling);

  3, long life and long service life (compared with oil-impregnated bearings).

  What are the disadvantages of using ball bearings?

  1, relatively fragile The bearing structure is quite fragile and cannot withstand the impact of external forces;

  2, high cost, high price, unable to compete with oil-impregnated bearings in cost price;

  3. It is difficult to grasp the source and quantity requirements of ball bearings, and it is not easy to control;

  4. It is not easy to assemble the ball bearing uses the elasticity of the spring to position it, making it difficult to assemble.

   Ball bearings are generally high-end products in the bearing series, and are generally used for machines with high power.

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