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What are the main methods to solve the noise of tapered bearings

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There are two common types of noise caused by problems in the application of tapered bearings: scratches and dust, which are described as follows:

1. The scar sound and its control method:

If the rolling surface of the rolling bearing has cracks, indentations or corrosion, periodic vibration and noise like riveting rivets will occur. The period may be fixed, but most of them have a certain corresponding relationship with the speed. The scars will continue to occur on the channel. , The scars appear on the steel ball from time to time, and this noise varies with the installation and lubrication conditions.

The control methods for this type of noise include: do not knock the bearing during installation, prevent the bearing from skewing when the bearing is assembled with the shaft and then put it into the bearing seat; prevent bearing corrosion during storage and prevent shock and vibration during transportation; use high-viscosity lubrication fat.

2. Dust sound and its control method:

There are foreign objects such as dust in the rolling bearing, and non-periodic vibration and so-called dust noise will occur. The magnitude of the vibration and noise is variable, and there may or may not be.

The control methods of dust and sound include: improve the cleaning method of the bearing, strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; remove foreign matter in the lubricant; improve the sealing of the bearing; avoid the use of impure or embedded materials Plastic cage with foreign matter.

3. Noise caused by lubrication factors and countermeasures:

Incorrect selection of lubricant, insufficient lubricant or aging and hardening can cause vibration and noise in the bearing, and there is no certain rule for this kind of noise. In this case, the only way to choose a suitable lubricant, adjust the amount of lubricant, extend the service life of the lubricant, and reasonably determine the replacement cycle.

Four. Noise related to the host and its countermeasures:

This kind of noise is not caused by the bearing alone, so it is futile to find the cause from the bearing alone. The host should be fully paid attention to, and the performance of the host should be improved if necessary. Now we mainly describe the common buzzing sound and frame resonance sound in the motor.

5. The buzzing sound of the motor and its countermeasures:

The axial vibration of the motor shaft will cause a lot of high-frequency noise-buzzing sound, the frequency of which is the same as the axial vibration frequency, which can be constant or variable. The method of preventing buzzing is the same as that of preventing axial vibration.

6. Resonance sound of bearing frame and its countermeasures:

When the axial natural vibration of the outer ring mass system causes the axial bending natural vibration of the bearing frame, a kind of noise called resonance sound is generated. The method of increasing the preload can increase the axial natural frequency of the outer ring mass system, destroy the resonance condition, and reduce the noise.

Is it true that the more grease you add to tapered roller bearings, the better the lubrication effect? As everyone knows, grease plays a very important role in the use of bearings. Then someone will ask, is it possible to use grease to lubricate the bearing indefinitely? When should the oil be changed and how much should it be changed? In fact, these problems are complicated problems of bearing maintenance technology.

For the question of whether grease can be used indefinitely, the affirmative answer is no. Because too much grease is used, there are many hazards to the bearing.

Grease has a good effect on bearings. It has good adhesion, wear resistance, temperature resistance, rust resistance and lubricity. It can improve high temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, dissolve carbon deposits, and prevent metal wear debris Agglomerate with oil and improve the wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the machine.

But the more grease is filled, the greater the friction torque. With the same filling amount, the friction torque of the sealed bearing is greater than that of the open bearing. After the grease filling amount is equivalent to 60% of the internal space volume of the bearing, the friction torque no longer increases significantly. This is because most of the grease in the open bearing has been squeezed out, and the grease in the sealed bearing has also leaked out.

With the increase of the grease filling, the temperature rise of the bearing increases linearly. With the same filling amount, the temperature rise of the sealed bearing is higher than that of the open bearing. It is generally believed that the grease filling amount of sealed rolling bearings should not exceed about 50% of the internal space.

Generally speaking, the lubrication schedule of tapered roller bearings is based on time. Equipment suppliers usually make lubrication plans based on operating hours. In addition, equipment suppliers often provide guidance on the amount of lubricant during their maintenance planning process. For workers, it is very common to change lubricants in a short period of time, and often too much grease is added.

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