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High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing 608 Custom Skateboard ceramic Bearing 608 2RS

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High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing 608 Custom Skateboard ceramic Bearing 608 2RS

Quick Details


Structure:Deep Groove

Applicable Industries:Home Use, Retail, Skateboard

Bore Size:3-240 mm

Model Number:608 608 2RS 608 ZZ

Precision Rating:P0 P6 P5 P4 P2

Seals Type:open rs zz

Number of Row:Single row

Product Name:High Speed Hybrid Ceramic Skateboard 608 Ball Bearing

Bearing Type:Deep Groove Ball Bearing




Stainless steel, GCR-15, colorful sunlight,Bearing Steel(GCr15),Chrome steel,Carburized

Clearance:C0 C2 C3 C4 C5

Certificate:CO,ISO 9001:2000 , SGS , BV

Package:Original Package


Feature:Long Life.High speed, no noise, silent


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multicolor titanium waterproof 608ABEC-9 built-in ceramic skateboard bearing, ceramic skating bearing kmy Factory manufacturi


High precision and high performance endurance skateboard bearings




Quality Si3N4 Ceramic Ball

Si3N4 Ceramic Balls

High temperature resistance is 50% lighter than steel balls

Nylon card

DuPont nylon card


High rate lubricant

Seal/dust card

Rubber or steel seal, single side seal.


Customizable colors




Can be customized


Neutral Packing or Custom Packaging

Detailed description of hybrid ceramic bearings

Temperature resistance and high
Ceramic ball thermal expansion coefficient is small, in high temperature environment will not cause the expansion of the bearing ball because of temperature reasons, thus greatly improving the use of the entire bearing temperature, ordinary bearing temperature in 160 degrees, ceramic ball can reach more than 220 degrees.

High speed
Ceramic ball has the property of oil-free self-lubrication and small friction coefficient, so ceramic ball bearings have a high speed. According to statistics, the ceramic ball bearings have a rotating speed of more than 1.5 times that of ordinary bearings.

Long life
Ceramic balls do not add any grease, that is, even if the grease dries out, the bearing can still operate, thus avoiding premature damage caused by grease dried out in ordinary bearings.

The last point is also the most important pointinsulation, the use of ceramic ball bearings, can make the bearing between the inner and outer rings insulation, because the ceramic ball is an insulator, in the bearing between the inner and outer rings with ceramic balls, you can achieve insulation effect. The retainer, grease and seal are composed. When the rolling element is made of ceramic material, the rolling bearing is  defined as a ceramic ball bearing.

Because the ceramic ball itself has self-lubricating properties, the lubrication can be used according to the requirements of the application. It can be used with or without lubricating oil. The seal can also be used with RS or ZZ. The retainer can be made of nylon or pom material, then the ferrule, Rolling elements are two indispensable elements of bearings. When these two elements are not the same material, there is a hybrid bearing. When the rolling element is made of a ceramic material, it is defined as a hybrid ceramic ball bearing (Hybrid construction ceramic ball bearing). Commonly used ceramic ball materials are zirconia (ZRO2) and silicon nitride (SI3N4); commonly used ferrule materials are bearing steel (Gcr15) and stainless steel (440, 420C) and stainless steel, as well as custom titanium alloy treatment.-(Configuration options: can be built-in gcr15 steel ball, zirconia ceramic ball, silicon nitride ball, external multi-color titanium gold selection, black processing, free to choose.)
 Ceramic ball characteritics
1. Low density: Due to the low density of the ceramic sphere material, the centrifugal load is small, so that it can work at higher speeds and generate less heat.
2. Moderate modulus of elasticity: The modulus of elasticity of the ceramic sphere is higher than that of the steel rolling element, the dynamic stiffness of the bearing is increased, but the modulus of elasticity is too large, which reduces the bearing capacity of the bearing due to stress concentration.
3. Small thermal expansion coefficient: The small thermal expansion coefficient helps to reduce sensitivity to temperature changes and thus prevents seizure. For hybrid slide bearings, a wider range of operating speeds is available.
4. High compressive strength: High compressive strength is the requirement of rolling bearings to withstand high contact stress (for ceramic materials, the strength is usually determined by the modulus of rupture measured by the three-point or four-point bending test).
5. High hardness and high toughness: These two characteristics combine to obtain better surface roughness and prevent damage from external hard particles and impact.
6. Good resistance to rolling contact fatigue: This property is critical to the requirements of the bearing rolling elements.
7. Form of spalling failure: If the rolling element fails during work, it should be fatigue spalling. This effective form has a warning sign before it is stuck, which is a practical form that causes the least harm. Ceramic materials also have some special properties in some applications with high application conditions.
8. High temperature resistance and stability: It can maintain its mechanical properties stably in high temperature environment up to 800 °C.
9. Corrosion resistance: It should be resistant to oxidation and corrosion in oxidizing and corrosive environments, especially in contact areas where repeated rolling and squeezing off the surface oil film.
Slider bearing silicon nitride ceramic material and bearing steel's sexual ability
Density (Kg/m3) 3250 7800 Young's modulus (GPa) 310 210 Compressive strength (MPa) >3500
Moderate of rupture (MPa) 700-1000 Vickers hardness (GPa) 14-18 8 Toughness (MPa· m1/2) 5-8 16-
Thermal expansion coefficient (×10-2/°K) 3 12 Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 20 30 Specific heat (J/KgK) 800 450
Use upper limit temperature (°K) 1050 400-600 Thermal shock resistance High Very high Rolling contact fatigue failure form Peeling Peeling
10. Summary:
KMY produces high quality skateboard bearings and skating bearings provide the best skating bearings and best service for all who want.
From the beginning, KMY began producing the highest quality ceramic slide bearings for many top companies and distributors. Not only do we need to use the best materials, we also need to use the best processes and technologies. We offer our customers a wide range of skateboard bearing options. In the known bearing industry and the well-known brand of skateboard bearing industry has more than 15 years of history, no other company can handle the output with the quality of  KMY bearings. We customize to your needs. KMY bearings have been and will continue to produce and manufacture the top skateboard bearings on the market today.
From our testing of skateboard bearings and our years of experience in designing skating bearings, we know how to make the best skateboard bearings and how to customize for your brand skating bearings.
The KMY has been completely redesigned and can be skated from scratch, designed for skateboard specifications, including bearing components, lubricants, tolerances and clearances. So it rolls faster than other bearings and lasts longer
Use KMY bearings to start ordering and have the highest quality roller skate bearing of your own brand!

Packaging & Delivery

1. Industrial packaging: plastic bag + carton paper + carton or wooden ; plastic tube + carton
2. Commercial packing: 1pic/plastic bag + color box + carton
3. According to customs' requirements

Port :Guangzhou ,Shenzhen,Shanghai,Qingdao,etc

1) Ceramic bearings have excellence performance as special electrical and magnetism resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, lubrication and maintenance free when working, high and low- temperature resistance etc. So they are suitable to be used in awful environment and special condition. 
2) The rings and balls made of full ceramic material: ZrO2, SisN4 and Sic as a standar structure, the cage made of PTFE, GFRPA66-25, PEEK, PI, AISI US304, SUS316,Cu, etc.
3) Series available: single-row deep groove ceramic ball bearings, self-aligning ceramic ball bearings, single direction thrust ceramic ball bearings and angular contact ceramic bearings
4) Ceramic balls: all kinds of ceramic balls with the precision from G5 to G200,made of the material ZrO2, SiN4, SiC and Al2O3, etc.


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