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Deep Groove Structure and All -Brands available Brand Name stock lot bearing 530

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Koyo deep groove ball bearing catalog
Type Basic Size (mm)
Basic Size (mm)
Basic Size (mm)



6200 10x30x9
6300 10x35x11
6001 12x28x8
6201 12x32x10
6301 12x37x12
6002 15x32x9
6202 15x35x11
6302 15x42x13
6003 17x35x10
6203 17x40x12
6303 17x47x14
6004 20x42x12
6204 20x47x14
6304 20x52x15
6005 25x47x12
6205 25x52x15
6305 25x62x17
6006 30x55x13
6206 30x62x16
6306 30x72x19
6007 35x62x14
6207 35x72x17
6307 35x80x21
6008 40x68x15
6208 40x80x18
6308 40x90x23
6009 45x75x16
6209 45x85x19
6309 45x100x25
6010 50x80x16
6210 50x90x20
6310 50x110x27
6011 55x90x18
6211 55x100x21
6311 55x120x29
6012 60x95x18
6212 60x110x22
6312 60x130x31
6013 65x100x18
6213 60x120x23
6313 65x140x33
6014 70x110x20
6214 70x125x24
6314 70x150x35
6015 75x115x20
6215 75x130x25
6315 75x160x37
6016 80x125x22
6216 80x140x26
6316 80x170x39
6017 85x130x22
6217 85x150x28
6317 85x180x41
6018 90x140x24
6218 90x160x30
6318 90x190x43
6019 95x145x24
6219 95x170x32
6319 95x200x45
6020 100x150x24
6220 100x180x34
6320 100x215x47
6021 105x160x26
6221 105x190x36
6321 105x225x49
6022 110x170x28
6222 110x200x38
6322 110x240x50
6024 120x180x28
6224 120x215x40
6324 120x260x55


6226 130x230x40
6326 130x280x58
6028 140x210x33
6228 140x250x42
6328 140x300x62
6030 150x225x35
6230 150x270x45
6330 150x320x65

Koyo deep groove ball bearings brief introduction

KOYO deep groove ball bearings are simple in structure and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy compared with other types, so it is convenient for mass production in series, low in manufacturing cost and very common in use. The axial load-bearing capacity increases when the radial clearance is large, and the contact angle is zero when the radial force is pure. KOYO deep groove ball bearings, in addition to the basic type, have a variety of variants, such as: deep groove ball bearings with dust cover; deep groove ball bearings with rubber seals; deep groove ball bearings with stop grooves; KOYO deep groove ball bearings with large load capacity with ball notches. Ball bearings; KOYO double row deep groove ball bearings, but they all have the following common characteristics:


1. Each ring of deep groove ball bearing has a continuous Groove Raceway whose cross-section is about one third of the circumference of the ball.


2. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of angular contact ball bearing and can withstand the alternation of two directions.


Axial load;


3, small friction, high speed;


4, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy.


5. Generally, the stamping wave cage is used for bearings with an inner diameter greater than 200 mm or running at high speed, and the vehicle solid cage is adopted.

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