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Spherical Roller Bearing 22224

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Spherical Roller Bearing 22224


internal diameter:120mm

external diameter215mm


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Spherical roller bearing:

Spherical Roller Bearings are designed to work in applications where severe misalignment

exists whether from mounting or shaft deflection and with relatively heavy radial loads and

some axial loads in either direction. They are also extremely resistant to shock loads and their self-aligning feature allows full capacity loading despite shaft deflection. They are very similar

in purpose to Self-Aligning Double Row Ball Bearings, except the Spherical Roller Bearings

are designed to be more robust by carry heavier loads but at lower maximum speeds .
Spherical Roller Bearings are commonly used in agricultural machines such as combined harvesting machine, air-blower, paper-machine, textile machine,woodworking machinery, overhead crane moving wheel and driving shaft as well as a large number of non agricultural applications.

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