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Long Life Train Railway Carriage Bearing 127442 Super high quality railway train bearing Class C 5X9

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TAGS: Long Life Train Railway Carriage Bearing 127442 Super high quality railway train bearing Class C 5X9 

Long Life Train Railway Carriage Bearing 127442 Super high quality railway train bearing Class C 5X9

Class C 5X9 ,Class D 5 1/2X10 , Class E 6X11 HM124649 HM124616XD HM127446 HM127415XD HM127442 HM127417XD HM127746 H127715XD NP178837 NP023784 HM129848 HM129814XD HM129843 HM129813XD HM133444 HM133416XD HM133436 HM133413XD HM133448   HM136948 HM136916XD H337840 H337816XD H337844   NP891226 NP379567 NP877824 NP335917 NP239427 NP540329 CTBU 100 x 175   CTBU 110 x 180   CTBU 130 x 210   CTBU 130 x 220   CTBU 130 x 230   CTBU 130 x 230   CTBU 130 x 240   CTBU 130 x 250   CTBU 140 x 220   Class B 4 1/4x 8  HM120848 HM120817XD Class C 5 x 9   HM124646 HM124618XD                   HM124649 HM124616XD         Class D 5 1/2 x 10   HM127446 HM127415XD HM127746 HM127715XD HM127442 HM127417XD NP178837 NP023784 Class E 6 x 11   HM129848 HM129814XD HM129843 HM129813XD Class F 6 1/2” x 12”   CTBU Class K 6 1/2” x 9”   CTBU Class G 7” x 9”       CTBU Class G 7” x 12”     TBU 90 ;TBU 100 ;TBU 120 ;TBU 130 X 210;TBU 130 X 220;TBU 130 X 230;TBU 140 ;TBU 150 ;TBU 160×270 ;TBU 160×280 TBU 178 X 265 CTBU 110×180 CTBU 130 X 210 CTBU 130 X 220 CTBU 130 X 230 CTBU 130 X 230 E (6 x 11) HM129848 HM129814XD bearing Class C HM124646 HM124618XD Cargo Train Heavy Loading Railway Bearing 1.Deep groove ball bearing 2.Cylindrical roller bearing 3.Self-aligning roller bearing 4.Needle bearing 5.Tapered roller bearing 6.Thrust ball bearing 7.Spherical roller bearing 8.Thrust roller bearing 9.Liner bearing 10.Pollow block bearing 11. Railway Bearing My email whatsapp:008618678825008     KMY BEARING provides tapered roller bearing units and compact tapered roller bearing units for various rail transit vehicles.     The products have been widely used in freight wagons including heacy wagons,subways and light rails. Consist of two inner rings, one common outer ring, two tapered roller and polymer cage assemblies, a central spacer, grease fill and two sealing systems.    Further components like lateral spacers, backing rings and end caps with their locking device can be added to the assembly as well as components based on specific customer requests.    roller bearing units were designed to replace plain bearings. These inch size TBU designs had to match the existing relatively long journal dimension. This design enables the integration of a seal wear ring on both sides where the garter seals are riding.     AAR has standardized these garter seals and seal wear rings, which are interchangeable with components from different bearing manufacturers. offers special LL seal designs for inch size TBUs that generate much lower friction.    LL seal benefits • improved protection against contaminants • longer grease life • better and longer performance Polymer spacer benefits: • fretting corrosion avoided • lower wear rate of the inner ring side face/backing ring contact zone • longer performance and longer maintenance intervals achievable because of longer grease life.      Grease life (and consequently TBU maintenance intervals) can be increased by providing a relubrication in service:     An amount of fresh grease is pumped into the unit and mixed with the already used grease    In this way it is possible to respect the most demanding maintenance intervals leader in the friction management and power transmission industries and continues to lead in advancing bearing technology through continuous innovation and development. In addition to railroad applications, AP bearings are successfully used in many types of industrial applications. This can be attributed to many factors including the bearing’s high load carrying capacity and its adaptability to a wide variety of applications. advantages of  HM127442(90930) Tapered Roller Train Railway Bearings • Self-contained unit provides substantial cost savings in design and installation. Many mounting parts are available with the bearing assembly. • Pregreased unit reduces installation costs. • Preassembled bearing reduces the number of separate parts to be applied and helps reduce the chance of incorrect assembly. • High quality, tested and improved radial lip seals provide exceptional protection, minimum relubrication and low maintenance. • Positive alignment of rollers is maintained in the bearing due to its basic tapered roller construction. This distributes the load over the entire roller length and helps to prevent rollers from skewing. • On-apex design provides true rolling motion with less friction and more resistance to wear. • Case-hardened and hardened cones, cups and rollers put hardness where it is needed at the working surfaces. The core of these parts, being more ductile, resists the propagation of fatigue cracks and spalls. 2 - HM120848 cones;1 - HM120817XD cup;1 - HM120848XA cone spacer (fitted for normal internal clearance);2 - K86890 seal wear rings ;2 - K86895 seal assemblies;1 - K86874-90010 backing ring assembly consisting of: 1 - K86874 backing ring ;1 - K89716 vent fitting

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