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Withdrawal sleeves Bearing AOH24152

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NSK Withdrawal sleeves Bearing AOH24152 /Spherical Roller bearing AOH24152

1. Spherical Roller Bearing range of use:

1) Spherical Roller Bearing are widely used papermaking machinery, deceleration devices, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gear box seat, steel rolling mill roll Michiko, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various types of industrial gear reducer, vertical seat-aligning bearing

2) equipment, instrument, building machinery, rolling stock agricultural machinery and various specialized machineries.

2. About Spherical Roller Bearing:

1)Types:20000 CC series,20000 CCK series, 20000 CC/W33 series,20000 CCK/W33 series,20000 CCK H0000 series ,20000 CCK/W33 H0000 series.

2)Corresponding models range : 20000 CC series,20000 CCK series, 20000 CC/W33 series,20000 CCK/W33 series,20000 CCK H0000 series ,20000 CCK/W33 H0000 series.

3)Material: Gcr15 (Chrome steel) -China, (AISI) 52100-American, (Din) 100Cr6 -Germany, carbon steel, iron.

4)Shield / Closure: Plain (Open), Z, ZZ, RS, 2RS, 2ZR, 2Z.

5)Vibration and Noisy level: Z1, Z2, Z3, ZV1, ZV2.ZV3.Z1V1.Z2V2.Z3V3.

6)Precision level: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7.

7)Brand: KMY, We also have ability to produce your own brand or other famous brand (NSK, NSK, HCH, KG, NSK brand, etc.)

3.Spherical Roller Bearings Specification information :

1>The definition of Spherical Roller Bearings:

Aligning roller bearing is a spherical outer ring between the two raceways of the inner ring raceway assembly with drum-shaped roller bearings.

According to the different internal structure, divided into four types of R, RH, RHA, and SR

2> Spherical Roller Bearings Introduction

Spherical roller bearings have two roller to mainly take radial load, but also able to withstand the axial load in either direction. High radial load capacity, especially suitable for work overload or vibration loads, but can not afford the pure axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, aligning performance is good, can compensate concentricity error.

As the outer ring raceway arc center and bearing center, aligning performance, it can automatically adjust the axis of errors caused due to the shaft or housing deflection or heart

3> Spherical Roller Bearings type:

Spherical roller bearings are divided into:

cylindrical bore, conical bore.

Tapered bore, taper 1:12 post codes for K-aligning roller bearings (153 000 or 113 000) and 1:30 after the code for the K30-aligning roller bearings.

Spherical roller bearings with conical shaft with inner ring axial movement can adjust the bearing radial clearance.

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